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Project Management

About the Service

What is this service about?

This service is about Project Management which involves the process of planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and objectives of a project.


When may you need this service?

Customers may need project management services when they have a specific project to complete but need more expertise or resources to manage it effectively. Customers may also seek project management services to ensure the timely completion of their projects within budget.


What do we offer

Manage projects from initiation to completion

Keywise Technology US offers project management services that involve managing the entire project lifecycle from initiation to completion. This includes planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling the project to ensure it is completed on time, within budget and meets the required quality standards.

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Project Types

We offer project management services for different project types, including infrastructure projects such as Cloud infrastructure or migration to the Cloud, telecommunications, data networks, application and mobile development and information security projects. This means that regardless of the project type, Keywise Technology US can provide effective project management services to ensure the project’s success.

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Train staff for post-implementation management

Additionally, Keywise Technology US provides training for staff to manage the project post-implementation. This training ensures that the customer’s staff has the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain and support the project after the project management team has completed their work. By providing staff training, Keywise Technology US helps to ensure the long-term success of the project beyond the completion of the project management phase.

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What are the characteristics of the service?

The project management services are flexible and tuned to meet the desires of our customer. 

To start, we request our customer to tell us about their needs, pains and objectives. 

Then, we draw with the customer the technical solution and organizational changes that need to take place in order to meet the objectives and solve the problem. 

Once the solution is approved by the customer, we implement it and report regularly to the customer about your progress. 

The key features of Keywise Technology US’s project management services include effective communication, project planning, project control, risk management, cost management, quality control, and timely delivery of projects.


What are the benefits for our customers?

The benefits of purchasing our project management services include efficient project management, timely completion of projects, cost-effectiveness, reduced risk of project failure, improved communication and collaboration among project team members, and increased quality of deliverables.

Additionally, the customer can focus on their core business activities while the project management team takes care of the project.

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